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Our Services

Training brains on how to learn

Specializing in learners with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and executive function challenges

Appropriate, personal educational plans based on individual needs and assessments

Proven Research based strategies, including Orton-Gillingham methods and materials

Sessions that focus on developing foundation academic skills, strengthening processing skills, and improving compensatory skills for classroom and lifelong success

Open communication with parents to ensure progression and academic and emotional goals are being met

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If necessary, communicate and work collaboratively with classroom teacher to implement specific modifications

Develop their own unique tools and strategies for learning success

Sessions (virtual or in-person) that give cumulative, sequential, and systematic instruction so that students overcome learning challenges and build confidence

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Train Their Brain

Assess and Develop Strengths to Build Upon in the Classroom

Read to Learn

Function Independently In and Out of the Classroom

Navigate and Organize Their File Cabinet

Discover Their Unique Way of Learning so They Can Understand How to Maximize Their Own Potential

Motivate Growth, Build Confidence

Create Confidence in Their Ability to Perform Academically

When Gaps are Recognized One Can Excel at Their Own Pace

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