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Parallel Lines

Discovering one’s unique way of learning

Our Mission

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Training your brain to navigate learning challenges in and out of the classroom.

Learning Understood will empower the whole child through personalized plans that are specific to their unique needs and goals.

Erin Camp


Erin is the owner of Learning Understood and works one-on-one with learners who have specific challenges to help build their academic skills and self-confidence. Erin truly believes that each child has something special that can be built upon, and it’s imperative to identify and teach to the unique way each one learns. She remediates for the whole child and strives to teach them how to think, not what to think. Erin works to eliminate obstacles in the classroom by teaching and executing strategies that learners can use independently. She also guides them to recognize how they learn, what motivates them to do well, and how to perform taught concepts independently.

Many children with learning differences also struggle with growth mindset, confidence, and anxiety. Part of getting support and doing intervention with Erin doesn’t just help learners succeed in the classroom, but also motivates them to love learning and understand their own potential. According to Erin, "Kids don't lack the will to  behave; they lack the skill of problem solving, frustration tolerance, and flexibility." 

Erin received her B.S. in Business Management at Indiana University Bloomington and postgraduate certificates in K-12 Special Education and EC-6 General Education at Texas State. She is currently in the process of obtaining a license in Education Therapy from University of California Riverside. She is a member of the Association of Education Therapy and is also a director at Hamilton Ridge Academy in Westfield, IN. She has taught 2nd and 5th grades, worked as a behavioral and a learning specialist for grades K-6, and is a blessed wife and mom of 3. Erin has been trained in Orton-Gillingham, Handwriting Without Tears, Making Math Real, and Dyslexia Intervention.

Because of her experience, she realized learners were asked to focus on weaknesses instead of capitalizing on their strengths or encouraging growth. She believes that building upon weaknesses in a positive way will create confidence where it was not seen before. In a whole class setting learners can feel defeated and fall behind. This is because they are not able to keep pace with their peers and lack understanding of content independently. Gaps in learning will then form, but when gaps are recognized during intervention, students will excel. Erin claims "students can succeed regardless of their challenges, and I strive to inspire children to ignite their imaginations and instill in them a love of learning." Everyone is a lifelong learner and Erin will help and allow each student to succeed at their own pace.

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